This is some exciting news.   We have a pretty good idea of where we are going to be performing and we are sticking strictly to the Midwest.  We have been working hard to get the dates correct and practicing to.  This one is going to be called the I29 to I49 tour we will hit all major cities on long the way.  However the 1st place we will stop will the windy city of Chicago.  I now the windy city didn’t get the nick name from the wind but for all the hot air the politician blew out.  HA HA.   We will from there jump across the lake to Milwaukee WI and give those badgers something to cheer about.   After that we will work our way to Ames IA the good old Cyclones.  We will then gander to trusty old Omaha Nebraska.  From there we starting a straight decent south to the great place I like to call home Kansas City, Missouri.  From the fence company outside Kansas City we will head to good old Sedelia for the County fair and will end our small tour in the las vegas of the Midwest, none only than Branson, MO.  So please get your calanders ready.  We will get you dates once we do some figuring with our locations.  Thank you and have a great year!

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