Updated pricing

A is Jump is back and we are banging as always. The band has been getting a lot of press lately it’s been picking up traction a Grassroots in the midwest has led many fans to keep the following going. We’re still selling out and shows a five hundred to a thousand in large bars or venues. We love the scene and appreciate all of your support. A couple of updates that we have going through right now so you know what to come in the coming months. Number one we have been doing a little overhaul on some new music that we will need your opinion on when we perform. We will tell you when were performing on new songs so we know your reaction like him or not. Number to the bars that we’re going into or going to start charging covers because of the influx of people we want to make sure that everybody’s taking care of this proper security and ample people to help serve drinks and to do that we must charge a cover to hit our bottom line of this cost. This is a small price to pay for a great showing a great time with great friends we love everything that you guys do and bring to us although we would like to keep her free but our main concern is safety for the fans and staff that we must charge a cover to cover the cost security + Integrity of the show. I want to thank you all for your understanding and I look forward to seeing you at the next show have a great night and we can either a is Jump is in the house thank you

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