More of there Story

A is Jump are two brothers that happened to get into a band. It worked really hard and grew up in the grass roots in the midwest to make their dream come true. Growing up on a farm Dale Earnhardt work was necessary for any type of success. The sacrifices endured to their time to make it in the music industry shows in their music and a Gooding inside of their performances. Because they still like to farm in love in the farm in the midwest their shows are limited with the power they punch is unreal. Their shows are filled with fire and passion no fan is left unsatisfied with a performance in the time that had. The places that host a is jump show a large increase of Revenue because of the fan base that follow them through their tours. With only three people in the band a bass guitarist the solo and the drums days can remind you of a Blink 182 type of band. However their energy is more country than it is City When comparing the two

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